The Sulphur Institute Agricultural Publications

North American Brochures: These brochures, 16 in number, discuss sulphur as a major plant nutrient and illustrate how, under what conditions, adding sulphur to crops and fertilizers can increase crop yields and returns for farmers. For details contact The Sulphur Institute

International Brochures: These support and promote the use of the essential plant nutrient, sulphur, in balanced fertilizer programs for deficient soils around the globe. Some of these are:

  • Sulphur for Balanced Fertilisation (India)
  • Sulphur for Rice - A Growing Need (Asia)
  • Sulphur in Oilseed Production (India)
  • Roundtable Proceedings: Proceedings from two roundtables organized by The Sulphur Institute with renowned agronomists discuss the importance of sulphur in North American agriculture particular to corn and wheat.

    Technical Bulletins:

  • Sulphur Containing Fertilizers: Properties and Applications
  • Fertilizer Sulphur: Status and Potential in the U.S.
  • Sulphur in Forage Quality and Ruminant Nutrition
  • Treating Irrigated Arid-Land Soils with Acid-Forming Sulphur Compounds
  • Sulphur -ahead of the field for better crops and profits

    Symposia/Workshop Proceedings:

  • International Symposium on Sulphur for Korean Agriculture
  • Present and Future Raw Material and Fertilizer Sulphur Requirements for China
  • Current and Future Plant Nutrient Sulphur Requirements, Availability, and Commercial Issues for China
  • International Symposium on Sulphur in Agricultural Soils
  • International Workshop on Sulphur Transportation and Logistics in China
  • Sulphur in Agriculture (Journal): Sulphur in Agriculture is published in English to disseminate information about the importance of sulphur in plant and animal nutrition, uses for sulphur and sulphur compounds as soil amendments, technology/use of sulphur-containing fertilizers, and other aspects of sulphur in agriculture. For details, back volumes and how to receive this journal, contact The Sulphur Institute.

    Sulphur Fertilizer Producers Directories: These directories contain the names, addresses, and sulphur products marketed by regional fertilizer manufacturers.

  • Asian/Oceanic Sulphur Fertilizer Producers Directory
  • European Sulphur Fertilizer Producers Directory
  • North American Sulphur Fertilizer Producers Directory
  • Miscellaneous:

    • The Fourth Major Nutrient (English and Spanish Version)
    • Growth, Purity, and Life
    • Sulphur-Vital For Life
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    The Sulphur Institute -2001 Annual Report

    Publications Available from FAI
    • Workshop on Sulphur in Balanced Fertilisation (2002)
    • Group Discussion on Importance of Sulphur in Balanced Fertilisation (2001)
    • Proceedings of Workshop on Sulphur in Balanced Fertilisation (2000)
    • Proceedings of Symposium on Sulphur in Balanced Fertilisation (1997)
    • Brochure on Sulphur in Balanced Fertilisation (English, Hindi, Punjabi)
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    TSI-Publications available from FDCO within India
    • Practical Sulphur Guide (English)
    • State-wise Bilingual Sulphur Information Sheets in English and Hindi for Bihar and Jharkhand, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal.
    Brochures in English on:
    • Sulphur Containing Fertilisers
    • Profits From Sulphur Application
    • Sulphur Requirement of Crops
    • Sulphur Recommendations & Guidelines for
      Sulphur Management
    • Rice Responses to Sulphur
    • Sulphur Management in Tea
    • Sulphur for Balanced Fertilisation
    • Sulphur in Oilseed Production
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